Friday, January 23, 2009

Executive Order

I applaud Obama for his recent executive order close Guantanamo Bay. May it happen swiftly and appropriately.

I am hesitant to hope for this big 'change' thing, and I am cautions so as to avoid disappointment. But I wonder, if maybe, just maybe, this could be a brighter chapter in the history of the United States.

But Obama cannot save us. Let's not forget where our hope really comes from, were ultimate and complete justice originates: Jesus Christ. Oddly, Jesus' life centres around mercy, a form of injustice. Jesus proclaimed release of the captives and the year of the Lord's favour. The year of the Lord's favour is in some ways a very bad thing, for the oppressors and the bankers. Debts are released and land is given back to the original family owners.

Obama cannot proclaim the year of Jubilee, but maybe he can cough up a few microseconds of Jubilee.

Lord haste the day, when my faith shall be sight!
And the clouds be rolled back as a scroll!
The trump shall be sound, and the Lord shall descend!
Even so, it is well with my soul!

I invite you to appeal to God for a greater release of justice in the world:
God, I pray that you would be saving us. Be saving the world, be saving New Zealand, and be saving America. Please forgive us for our sins, personally, and nationally. We don't look to inspiring politicians for salvation and justice, we trust in you. Please bring your kingdom to the world, to New Zealand and to the United States. Replace the injustice with justice, replace the torture with mercy, replace the attitudes in our hearts that hate life with abundant joy and love for our fellow creatures. Thank you for what you have already accomplished at the cross, and for the glimmers of justice that we see even now. Come Lord Jesus! Save this world, save New Zealand, save the United States, and save even me, a sinner against you. Thank you for your grace!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

USA 2.0

Or maybe that should be USA 44.0.

The changing of the guard. The end of an era. Something new to look forward to. Something old to try and forget.

This morning I read the text of Obama's inauguration speech. It made me think:
God knows what he's doing.
If I were inaugurated president today, I wouldn't have said the things that Obama said. I'd have said really different things. I'd try to give the world what I thought it needed rather than give America what it wants. But remember:
God knows what he's doing.
So instead we have Obama. I don't know if Obama is exactly what America needs, or if Obama is somehow going to be the uber hand of God in a way that previous presidents haven't been. But I just wonder if the King really does have everything in control. The King is not uniformly acknowledged, but let's remember that even though we have a new president, we always know that God is still King. King over America and King over the whole world. God is King of Kings and King of Presidents.

I speculate that Obama is the right mixture of patriotism, and humility, of dedication to America and willingness to serve the world. He seems to have enough patriotism and dedication to America to actually be a decent leader at home, one that the people won't throw out right away. And he seems to have enough humility and willingness to serve the world to almost make the United States a servant leader on the international stage.

He might or might not be able to turn around the economy. He might or might not be able to inspire Americans. He might or might not be able to bring peace to Iraq and Afghanistan. He might or might not be a continued role model. He might or might not be a mockery. He might or might not be respected as he gets to work instead of looking pretty.

He probably won't be able to make a lasting peace in the old land of Palestine/Israel. (Side note: I'm beginning to wonder exactly what the basic difference between Israelis and Palestinians is... It seems a lot like Northern Ireland, where it's mostly a difference of something simple like colour.) Obama probably won't be able to change the hearts of Americans away from their greed. Obama probably won't be able to fix the wrongest things about the world.

But you know what? I think God knows what he's doing with America. God's got a plan, and it looks pretty good to me. I wonder if he also has a sense of irony.

Here's to USA 2.0.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Understand

I understand. I understand why people don't like metal sometimes.

I'm listening to Living Sacrifice now. I'm a latecomer to the Living Sacrifice thing. They're an old band. I remember finding them on iTunes in 2005 and thinking "Good guitar parts, but I don't like the vocals."

Listening to them now, my tastes have changed a bit. I can stand it, but even now, it sounds like trash. There is an angry white guy thinking he's so hardcore yelling about Jesus. The guitar parts just sound like trash and the drums sound like they're recorded in a garage. The guitar solos are like the sound of cutting metal.

But you know how people make sculptures out of garbage? That's kinda what I see in Living Sacrifice. They are the sharpest, the hardest, the loudest, the angriest, the most malicious, the ugliest, the nastiest. They are trash. It sounds like trash. It seems like at any moment, the music could degenerate into total noise, and sometimes it does.

I've got "In Memoriam", and some of the tracks are better than others. Some I don't really like, and they are just trash. Others I do like and they are more like extreme 1990's metal with artistic taste, balance and symmetry.

Hey, if you don't like metal, I can understand.

Rock on,

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's All Real

I never realised, but all the games about bandicoots are real.


Also, I've been learning Python. I like. Batteries included. Works a charm.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Level of Consciousness

I've reached a new level of consciousness! Get yourself a guitar! Quit engineering! Free your mind! Disregard everything I've ever said!