Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New open source projects

My research has generated two new open source projects recently:
Wavechild 670 (GPL license)
A wave digital filter-based emulation of a famous stereo tube limiter from the 1950's.

Turn-taking measurement tools (BSD-style license)
Tools for measuring the quantity of turn-taking present in the behaviour of a group of agents.

The links also give the references for the associate research. Part of the idea is that academic research, open source and Wikipedia are all on a massive collision course for Knowledge 2.0. Or maybe more accurately, Knowledge N+1, because open source and Wikipedia are constantly changing. Soon the academic topics will be as open and fluid as say, the Linux kernel. Some smart person will probably be the spearhead of each topic, but there will be many contributors and the development of ideas will be out in the open.