Friday, December 21, 2012

The Creation of Beatshifting (re-shifted)

To give you a little insight into the underlying creative process I'll highlight some of the coolest things I did on this remix of my own song.

  • Use Ableton Live to deconstruct the original song into its component sections. Merge similar tracks from the original into a smaller set of remix stems. 
  • Study The Glitch Mob's music and become entranced by their use of selective silences to create spooky rhythmic effects. Take this idea totally overboard to create rhythms that as awkward as Napoleon Dynamite by routing some of your tracks into the "Gator" track which has a clips to automate muting of your submix in a rhythmic way.
  • Record your own percussion instrument samples and apply the stochastic music principles pioneered by Iannis Xenakis to create a custom music digital instrument in Kontakt to add randomized chaotic musical noise to your remix.
  • Use Ableton Live's Beat Repeat to sound like every other kid sitting in his bedroom making a remix with Ableton Live in the 2010's. Also automate a low pass filter to get that sweet 'whole-mix filtered' sound.
  • Use the built-in OSX voice to create custom robot lady voice samples, from the terminal.
  • Map a variety of strange percussion sounds to your Launchpad and add mad finger-drumming to your remix.
  • Use Processing to create song art by algorithmically kit-bashing fonts together, blending sections of letters to create a smooth transition between two words.

  • Write a blog post about the process so that your audience can enjoy a full multi-media experience. And so that you can be a pretentious stuck-up geek.