Saturday, July 30, 2022

Conclusion to a series on faith, doubt and anti-metanoia

 Faith, Doubt and Anti-Metanoia series, conclusion.

Supernova remnant in the Large Magellanic Cloud. This image is in the public domain. My most important idea blew up on me. I’m learning to see what remains as wonderful.

I started out as a Christian. After a painful journey, I left Christianity (Part I has the personal story). The path out of Christianity involved intense thinking and reading. This blog post series has summaries of many works that I read, intermingled with my own commentary and opinions (Parts II, III, IV and V). Much of this writing was done in past years and I did not update all the places that have out-of-date opinions. In Part VI, I introduce, a work of David Chapman, which served the double purpose of helping me escape from nihilism and freeing me from the allure of adopting another total system of meaning. Now that I am “not a Christian,” what am I? I address my new identity in Part VII. I also had to escape from the latent nihilism that I had developed as the intellectual foil to Christianity and I speculate on how that could be done better in Part VIII. In Part IX, I consider some potential objections to my new approach to meaning. Finally, in Part X, I speculate on my future directions.

Because this blog usually appears in time order with the newest posts at the top, this post may be the first post of the series that you see. Reading in reverse order doesn’t make as much sense as reading chronologically. So here’s a concluding table of contents:

Faith, Doubt and Anti-metanoia series

These previous blog posts are given post-publication honorary inclusion status:

Reading guide

If you are a casual internet browser and you don’t know me personally, then I suggest that you start by reading instead of reading my posts. Then, come back and do your usual thing here. 

If you know me and you’re interested in learning more about me specifically, then Parts I, VI, VII and X are most relevant. 

If your interest is the Bible, then Parts II, IV and V are for you. 

If you’re confident in your disbelief of Christianity, then feel free to skip entire sections in Parts II to V. They may be tedious for you.

If you want to criticize me, then consider this work to be a mile set out for you to walk in my shoes. If you specifically want to bring me back around to Christianity, then I invite you to read every word in this series. If you want to come to me with a rebuttal, please also point out a typographical error as proof of your diligent reading. 

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